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The layered undercut hairstyle

Men’s Hairstyles and Artists

undercutIf you have been observing men’s hairstyles keenly, you have noticed that the undercut has been trending all through. It is a popular haircut fashion which is preferred by many artists and celebrities including TV stars, musicians, and movie actors. Its long-lasting popularity in street styles among younger guys makes it a hairstyle to embrace. It is a youthful hairstyle that works for different types of hairs including straight, curly, or wavy hair. It can also fit many interpretations from a classic version, modern version, to anything there in between.

For those men looking for an ultimate hairstyle that describes their personalities and simplicities, undercut can be a perfect pick. There are different kinds of undercut styles that any man out there can try. Let’s look at them.

The classic undercut hairstyle

If you love just a traditional hairstyle, a classic undercut should be your final choice. It keeps the sides trimmed while leaving a moderate size at the top. The classic undercut is best suitable for those anxious about the hairstyle itself because it is a simple hairstyle that does not draw the acute attention of people. Since it is a simple hairstyle, you will not stay at the barber shop for hours. You can also practice cutting the hair on your own at home as long as you have high-quality hair clippers. There are hair products to maintain your hair clean and well polished, but your barber can advise you depending on the type of your hair.

The layered undercut hairstyle

The layered undercut hairstyleIf you want something a bit sophisticated, a layered undercut is right for you. For those looking to add some visual perception of depth and fullness to their hair, this version of undercut is a nice pick. You need a professional barber to create the layers so that you can amplify the locks in order to appear a bit voluminous. Before the hair styling begins, you can decide the degree of layers you want depending on your facial size and shape. It usually starts by cutting shorter portions and then longer segments, but the barber can help you to make a nice choice.

The slicked back undercut hairstyle

The slicked back style allows you to modify the hair based on what you want. The trick is to pull off the undercut style so that the hair is long for styling again. Perhaps you want the hair to be long, but remember you should have a high-quality product to maintain it polished and the longer segments kept up. If you like a more textured style, you can choose a matte hair mousse. For those that want an old school trend, look for a gel product to keep the cut well structured while maintaining the original appearance.

The slide swept undercut hairstyle

It is somehow similar to styling slicked-back version because a side swept undercut ensures there are longer hair segments up top in order to have a perfect slicked hair that matches with the shorter sides of the haircut. The pull off also helps you to part the hair correctly. Not everyone can go well with this undercut version because it depends on the part of the face that complements with the hairstyling. But it is also determined by how your hair falls naturally.

The puffy undercut hairstyle

The puffy undercut hairstyle depends on your natural hair type. For those with curly hair can find this version ideal, especially when applying hair product to improve the natural waves. Men with straight hair type can create layers of the hair to make it easier when styling. The matte hair products work incredibly well with puffy undercut style.

The disconnected undercut hairstyle

This undercut version is distinguished by the stark between the hair up top and the shaved sides of the hair. It is a nice choice for men at their 40’s. The side part can be well maintained by using hair products that can create a sleeker look. This also increases the retro factors of your hairstyling.

As much as you want to have a perfect undercut hairstyling or any other hairstyle of your choice, the outcome of the haircut will significantly be determined by the quality of the cordless hair clippers. Professional barbers use the best quality clippers, and therefore you can look for a barber with the right shaving tools.  Also, there are clippers suitable for home use.

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