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The Old Guitarist: Picasso’s Blue Period

The Old Guitarist by Pablo PicassoThe Old Guitarist by Pablo Picasso in 1903 is an actual reflection of personal faith in instruments. A guitarist is an artist, so too is an art painter. The painting is known as Blue Period, during the time when the artist decided to portray serious miseries and bankruptcy situations around Spain, as well as in other regions of the world. Although many reviewers of the art suggest that the Picasso’s Blue Period was first triggered by a suicide death of his friend Carlos Casagemas in 1901. There are many pieces written to describe the art and the painter’s motives because it’s one of the most touching portraits completed by Picasso.

The Blue Period was created with a monochromatic blue palette, the guitar was painted with a more visible brown color, and the guitarist’s body painted cloud-white. A close look at the painting, you can see the guitar is more noticeable. This means it is the focal point, and probably the main theme in Picasso’s art. As you can see the old man’s neck and head curls around the instrument making him look weak. The face and limbs also say more about the old guitarist because you can see he seems feeble and starved. The guitarist is also barefoot meaning there is an aspect of poverty, and also the overall frail body indicates famishment.

However, there is an interesting factor in the Picasso’s painting. The guitar being a focal point, it shows that the instrument gives the old guitarist hope. This is what I mentioned earlier about faith in instruments. Regardless of the many perils of life, the old guitarist is still holding to his artistic character. Though the inspiration that led to the creation of the painting by Picasso has never been clear to many people, I can deduce that Picasso had dark time at some point in life that triggered his motivation to create the painting.

According to other sources, a Spanish Old Master known as El Greco could have influenced the creation of the painting by Picasso. The master had elongated limbs and unappealing pointed body parts and angular face. If you look at the art, the old guitarist’s body appears similar to the descriptions of El Greco’s physical looks. Other people have argued that the old guitarist is blind, and therefore the art symbolized the inner abilities of a disabled person.

Lesson from Picasso’s Blue Period

From the Picasso’s painting, musicians should always hold to their divine abilities despite the many challenges along the way. There are upcoming musicians that may feel discouraged due to many obstacles as they try to nurture their abilities. If you are a guitarist and you feel your instrument is not allowing you to explore yourself fully, there is a wide range of guitars to choose from. Even the beginners should not relent in the daunting task of finding a perfect guitar that suits their needs.

Choosing the Right Guitar for Beginners

guitars stylesWhen it comes to choosing a guitar, I cannot point out a right or wrong choice because it will depend on personal style and needs. Maybe you have been watching musicians and other guitarists playing electric guitars, and already you are inspired – it will be alright to go for an electric guitar. Some beginners will love the acoustic guitar sounds, and therefore acoustic guitars can be their perfect option. It is all about what you enjoy most. However, there are those undecided but they need to choose the right guitar models. You can check the styles and instruments your favorite bands or artists use and emulate them. Whether most of them use electric or acoustic, go for the option that attracts you. Interestingly, anyone can learn how to play the guitar no matter whether you are using an electric or an acoustic.

Recommended for Beginners

For those beginners who are in love with acoustic models, I will recommend the Yamaha FG720S Folk. It has a properly balanced tone definition similar to other more expensive models. It is also made of high-quality materials such as mahogany body and beautiful rosewood fingerboard and bridge.

If you just want an electric guitar to start with, the classic fender design Squier Standard Telecaster can be a perfect choice. It is suitable for beginners with passion in surf, rock, country, and pop sounds. It is easy to tune with the tuning tools, produces high-quality sounds, and the simple-to-use controls make it a good electric guitar for starters.

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