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ROCK THE BOAT Music Festival

ROCK THE BOAT Music Festival

History of Festival

ROCK THE BOAT Music FestivalROCK THE BOAT music festival is marine-themed rock music. It is a floating festival held aboard a cruise ship with multiple staging venues performing at the same time. The idea was born in 2001 when a group of musicians and a travel company shared a music joint venture aboard Carnival Jubilee. The concept was well-received and ROCK THE BOAT has become an annual event ever since. ROCK THE BOAT music festival is all about influencing young upcoming musicians who are trying to enter the music world, namely in the rock music, but they don’t know how to make it into the business. The festival is also for musicians who have been out for a while and has no idea where to go next.


What makes the festival extremely fascinating is the marine ambiance the concertgoers and the bands feel. ROCK THE BOAT is a living manifestation of what music concert should be—a life reset button. ROCK THE BOAT is full of charming and joyous spirits. The insane environment on the boat builds a collaborative spirit between the artist and the audience. ROCK THE BOAT has that spirit of community and camaraderie that you can’t but to be part of it. Ken Block—the lead singer and guitarist for Sister Hazel—described once ROCK THE BOAT experience as the “Spring Break for people with jobs.”

Stage Gears

The festival organizers always employ audio specialists who are most appreciated for their marine-audio expertise. Those experts know what works and what doesn’t for such a festival like ROCK THE BOAT. They know very well that the fest-goers wouldn’t be satisfied if the sound of the music was distorted, interrupted, or not clear. Those experts use plenty of rugged, durable equipment and devices specially designed for boats and ships. For example, they rig up marine speakers in every corner around the festival venue so everyone gets to hear the music perfectly. In an interview with Seven Seas—an audio agency, they mentioned three benefits of marine speakers:


The ability to withstand marine weather conditions is one of the major reasons behind choosing marine speakers and amplifiers. The UV rays and high levels of humidity considerably affect sound quality and clarity. As in cars, marine speakers and amplifiers are designed to resist extreme temperatures for extended periods without affecting the required performance.


The advanced technology of marine speakers makes them capable of challenging the different types of noise come with sailing. The sound of broken waves against the bow, the sound of the engine, and other marine machines, the Aeolian on the deck, all make getting clear-to-hear music from the amplifiers an almost impossible task. This is where the marine speakers come in to defy all this hype.

Sound projection:

When someone asks why should have marine speakers, the sound projection and dispersion ability are worth mentioning. When in the sea, having a concert on deck is not easy in terms of sonic range. Say you use normal speakers; the sound will lose its constant clarity and power. Marine speakers have that wide dispersion and strong projection abilities, in other words, constant clarity and power of music.

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