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Sick of Using Earplugs at Band Practices

earplugsIf you feel tired of using earplugs or you have developed irritation in the ears after long time use, probably you are using the wrong earplugs. There are different earplugs specifically meant for musicians. These are used during practicing time and concerts. They are different from the regular models because you can just hear the music properly and clearly because they don’t mute the sound fully. The earplugs for musicians usually reduce the noise by about 12-15 dB, unlike other earplugs that lower the noise by about 32 dB. So, you will never feel sick or feel denied the chance to enjoy the music!

Understanding Earplugs for Musicians or Concerts

If your band usually practices regularly, you need to ensure your ears are well protected from hearing loss. The loud music can cause damage to your ears when exposed for a long time or severally. The musician earplugs are designed to emulate the natural hearing range of your ears, but with a reduced decibel level. This means the music will have the same frequency as the original but penetrates the ears at a lower safer decibel level.

Generally, music practicing is performed in various spectrums of styles. This is one of the reasons you need various ear protection devices depending on every situation. That’s why there are many earplugs for musicians which offer a wide range of levels of attenuation. You can also choose to use two different types of attenuators on each ear to take care of the sound source, as well as the sound location and intensity.


Why an Artist Need Earplugs for Musicians

Recently, I have heard many musicians creating awareness about ear protection. This is a clear indication that most of them are using hearing protection devices. So, here are the reasons you need to protect your ears;

It is a common practice among musicians

Hearing protection is a common precaution measure taken by many musicians and should be a requirement to ensure your ears stay safe. Studies show that musicians are nowadays concerned about ear protection more than ever. If you have been to other concerts, you will see almost all musicians wearing earplugs. These musician earplugs allow them to enjoy their music while blocking the harmful outside noise.


If you have been hearing a buzzing or ringing sound in your ears, perhaps you wear the wrong earplugs or you don’t wear them at all. If your earplugs are already damaged, you need new ones as soon as you can. This ringing sound in the ears can be a short term problem, but exposing the ears to excessive noise frequently may lead to permanent tinnitus. If the buzzing sound doesn’t stop, it may interfere with the normal hearing abilities. However, when tinnitus occurs it doesn’t mean your ears are already damaged. It is just a symptom. Therefore, get your earplugs as soon as possible or seek a medical advice.

Negative impact on your career

Wearing earplugs is very important. Don’t forget that music is your job, and probably you will do it for the rest of your life. This means you are likely to expose your ears to excessive noise many times if you don’t use hearing protection. Once the hearing loss occurs, ears are damaged, or that continuous tinnitus happens, it is a sign of losing your career. This is because you will lose the ability to play music, and therefore it impacts your job. Therefore, taking precaution as early as possible can keep your career secure.

decibel level

The modern earplugs for musicians are designed to block the potentially harmful background noise while amplifying the music sound itself. This is helpful when playing music in a concert because the background noise is the key cause of hearing damage. Ear plugs create pure music sound that reaches your ears. You can hear clear pitches and notes, and thus improve your performance.

In conclusion, it is advisable to go for more improved hearing protection such as electronic earplugs if you doubt the effectiveness of your current earplugs. Electric models offer a maximum protection for your ears. Though they might be a bit more expensive compared to the earplugs for musicians, they are worth the investment.

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