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ROCK THE BOAT Music Festival

ROCK THE BOAT Music Festival

History of Festival

ROCK THE BOAT Music FestivalROCK THE BOAT music festival is marine-themed rock music. It is a floating festival held aboard a cruise ship with multiple staging venues performing at the same time. The idea was born in 2001 when a group of musicians and a travel company shared a music joint venture aboard Carnival Jubilee. The concept was well-received and ROCK THE BOAT has become an annual event ever since. ROCK THE BOAT music festival is all about influencing young upcoming musicians who are trying to enter the music world, namely in the rock music, but they don’t know how to make it into the business. The festival is also for musicians who have been out for a while and has no idea where to go next.


What makes the festival extremely fascinating is the marine ambiance the concertgoers and the bands feel. ROCK THE BOAT is a living manifestation of what music concert should be—a life reset button. ROCK THE BOAT is full of charming and joyous spirits. The insane environment on the boat builds a collaborative spirit between the artist and the audience. ROCK THE BOAT has that spirit of community and camaraderie that you can’t but to be part of it. Ken Block—the lead singer and guitarist for Sister Hazel—described once ROCK THE BOAT experience as the “Spring Break for people with jobs.”

Stage Gears

The festival organizers always employ audio specialists who are most appreciated for their marine-audio expertise. Those experts know what works and what doesn’t for such a festival like ROCK THE BOAT. They know very well that the fest-goers wouldn’t be satisfied if the sound of the music was distorted, interrupted, or not clear. Those experts use plenty of rugged, durable equipment and devices specially designed for boats and ships. For example, they rig up marine speakers in every corner around the festival venue so everyone gets to hear the music perfectly. In an interview with Seven Seas—an audio agency, they mentioned three benefits of marine speakers:


The ability to withstand marine weather conditions is one of the major reasons behind choosing marine speakers and amplifiers. The UV rays and high levels of humidity considerably affect sound quality and clarity. As in cars, marine speakers and amplifiers are designed to resist extreme temperatures for extended periods without affecting the required performance.


The advanced technology of marine speakers makes them capable of challenging the different types of noise come with sailing. The sound of broken waves against the bow, the sound of the engine, and other marine machines, the Aeolian on the deck, all make getting clear-to-hear music from the amplifiers an almost impossible task. This is where the marine speakers come in to defy all this hype.

Sound projection:

When someone asks why should have marine speakers, the sound projection and dispersion ability are worth mentioning. When in the sea, having a concert on deck is not easy in terms of sonic range. Say you use normal speakers; the sound will lose its constant clarity and power. Marine speakers have that wide dispersion and strong projection abilities, in other words, constant clarity and power of music.

Body painting and music festivals

Body Painting Music Festival UK

Body painting and music festivalsBody painting and music festivals in the UK allow a great opportunity for people to express their talents, as well as enjoy live music by various bands. There is a lot of fun during this 2-day celebration, and no one would want to miss it. Body painting is one of the best arts for fun, get pleasure, and show creativity. It is not permanent like tattoos; it is just a temporary form of art that involves drawing paintings on the skin.

During the celebration, those participating in body painting are decorated earlier. It is done differently such as face painting, entire body painting, and temporary painting when done on a few body parts. It is a festival that involves people of all ages including kids. Furthermore, kids are ever at the forefront to get painted as this gives them a lot of fun. For those taking part in body painting competitions, their artists start preparing them as early as a day before. This is to ensure their artwork outstands from the rest, given that there are awards for the winners and overall participators.

The music festival also attracts many people, and there are awards for the top best performers and for all artists who perform during the event. As much as you view the festival just as any other annual celebrations, there are artists who take home huge sums of money at the end of it. This is why the body painters and the musicians spend a lot of time practicing in order to compete fiercely for the top prizes.

painting and music festivalsAccording to the festival’s history, every music band and body painting artist have equal opportunities to win. There is no single artist who has won twice consecutively, meaning the competitions are always stiff. The music band that won a trophy last year was quoted saying “we shall retain the trophy to make a history since the beginning of this festival”. All fans are now eagerly waiting to see if the band will retain the trophy or another band will take it away.

One of the body painting artists, a renowned body painter in the UK, posted on social media platforms about his conviction on winning a trophy together with his team. So, these artists seem quite ready to show their talents. This is also a clear indication that the festival might be more fun like never before. That’s alright. We are excitedly waiting.

Preparations for the Body Painting Music Festival

There are many things that every artist puts into considerations while preparing for the big festival. Since we have been attending these festivals, we noted that there is one key thing that usually denies a number of talented artists victory. Don’t forget that all aspects are assessed including beauty, dressing, and bodypaintings. According to our judgment based on past festivals, many female body painting artists lost it due to participants’ body hairs. Also, the musicians who performed while exposing their hairy legs lost the competitions.

As the festival approaches, we would like to advise all the female participants to ensure they get rid of their body hairs. Whether you are a musician or you will be showing the painting art talent, your body’s hair can have a negative impact. For those who are not aware of how to remove the hair, there are various hair removal products and techniques to choose.

Hair Removal Techniques

These techniques are not medical since they just help to manage your unwanted hair. Actually, they are the same methods most women use to maintain their sexy legs, underarms, and bikini areas free of hair.

Epilation, waxing, shaving, and depilatories

Epilation is one of the best hair removal methods. It involves the use of epilators, small devices, which remove hair by its roots. This means you can stay for several weeks before you start seeing hairs on the skin, and thus helpful for artists during that two-day festival event. Other methods include waxing, shaving, and depilatories.

Laser hair removal

This method use concentrated light rays to destroy the hair follicles so that they don’t produce hair. If the method is used severally and sufficiently, it can eliminate hair growth permanently or semi-permanently.


This is hair removal technique by use of an electric current. Though the sessions can be time-consuming, every hair follicle is treated independently for better results. Both the laser and electrolysis are more expensive methods compared to epilation, waxing, shaving, and depilatories.


Sick of Using Earplugs at Band Practices

earplugsIf you feel tired of using earplugs or you have developed irritation in the ears after long time use, probably you are using the wrong earplugs. There are different earplugs specifically meant for musicians. These are used during practicing time and concerts. They are different from the regular models because you can just hear the music properly and clearly because they don’t mute the sound fully. The earplugs for musicians usually reduce the noise by about 12-15 dB, unlike other earplugs that lower the noise by about 32 dB. So, you will never feel sick or feel denied the chance to enjoy the music!

Understanding Earplugs for Musicians or Concerts

If your band usually practices regularly, you need to ensure your ears are well protected from hearing loss. The loud music can cause damage to your ears when exposed for a long time or severally. The musician earplugs are designed to emulate the natural hearing range of your ears, but with a reduced decibel level. This means the music will have the same frequency as the original but penetrates the ears at a lower safer decibel level.

Generally, music practicing is performed in various spectrums of styles. This is one of the reasons you need various ear protection devices depending on every situation. That’s why there are many earplugs for musicians which offer a wide range of levels of attenuation. You can also choose to use two different types of attenuators on each ear to take care of the sound source, as well as the sound location and intensity.


Why an Artist Need Earplugs for Musicians

Recently, I have heard many musicians creating awareness about ear protection. This is a clear indication that most of them are using hearing protection devices. So, here are the reasons you need to protect your ears;

It is a common practice among musicians

Hearing protection is a common precaution measure taken by many musicians and should be a requirement to ensure your ears stay safe. Studies show that musicians are nowadays concerned about ear protection more than ever. If you have been to other concerts, you will see almost all musicians wearing earplugs. These musician earplugs allow them to enjoy their music while blocking the harmful outside noise.


If you have been hearing a buzzing or ringing sound in your ears, perhaps you wear the wrong earplugs or you don’t wear them at all. If your earplugs are already damaged, you need new ones as soon as you can. This ringing sound in the ears can be a short term problem, but exposing the ears to excessive noise frequently may lead to permanent tinnitus. If the buzzing sound doesn’t stop, it may interfere with the normal hearing abilities. However, when tinnitus occurs it doesn’t mean your ears are already damaged. It is just a symptom. Therefore, get your earplugs as soon as possible or seek a medical advice.

Negative impact on your career

Wearing earplugs is very important. Don’t forget that music is your job, and probably you will do it for the rest of your life. This means you are likely to expose your ears to excessive noise many times if you don’t use hearing protection. Once the hearing loss occurs, ears are damaged, or that continuous tinnitus happens, it is a sign of losing your career. This is because you will lose the ability to play music, and therefore it impacts your job. Therefore, taking precaution as early as possible can keep your career secure.

decibel level

The modern earplugs for musicians are designed to block the potentially harmful background noise while amplifying the music sound itself. This is helpful when playing music in a concert because the background noise is the key cause of hearing damage. Ear plugs create pure music sound that reaches your ears. You can hear clear pitches and notes, and thus improve your performance.

In conclusion, it is advisable to go for more improved hearing protection such as electronic earplugs if you doubt the effectiveness of your current earplugs. Electric models offer a maximum protection for your ears. Though they might be a bit more expensive compared to the earplugs for musicians, they are worth the investment.

writing song

Musician Reveals How to Find Harmonious Composition

writing songThe process and manner in which musicians compose rhymes differ from one person to another. There are those who will come up with a song while listening to other music. Others will want a silent place in order to write down ideas naturally without interruptions. I have been interviewing several musicians on how to find an ideal environment to compose a song, but many didn’t want to disclose their ‘secrets’. This means artists are different, but I came across one pop artist who opened up his mind.

The artist told me he can compose songs while listening to loud music, especially through his car audio system. According to him, the car system produces the desirable upbeats and acoustic sounds that inspire him to generate ideas from existing songs. If the music is playing and beats are just cool, ideas start flowing in his mind and he would even compose a whole song before reaching his destination.

On the other hand, he told me that silence is sometimes required in order to allow the brain to work appropriately. He related it to a typical reading situation when you need concentration but people and vehicles are causing interruptions. Interestingly, he revealed about the use of earplugs which are also commonly used by many when reading.

First, he pointed out about earplugs that offer comfort when worn. The best models are made of soft foam and tapered so that they are easy to insert and feel comfortable. These are best for regular users but mostly come as a package with hundreds of pieces. This means a pair can be used for a week before picking another one. However, there are some people who complain about headaches when using earplugs, and therefore should choose earplugs that do not fit too tightly if their ear canals are small.

song writingSecond, he talked about universal earplugs that can fit all ear canals. Some of them come as a package with about 100 pairs and are suitable for writing songs when in a noisy room. However, these kinds of earplugs usually block noise completely and you cannot hear when somebody next to you speaks. Since writing songs can be done from anywhere, these earplugs can be a good choice when in a coffee shop or any other noisy room. Also, they can block excessive noise from a neighbor or when dogs are barking from outside.

Third, there are earplugs suitable for those living near motorways or near industries. Though they are mostly used when sleeping, they can also offer a maximum filtering of vehicle noise. They can be reused for several weeks, and once you get used to them you may not even need to look for different options.

Fourth, if you live near a noisy club you need to have earplugs that can filter out the sounds of the instruments. These are also used in gun shooting ranges, but also offer the best when it comes to reducing the impact of motorcycle riding sounds. They are comfortable as they sit on the ears without causing irritation even when worn for a longer time. He said these can be used for reading and songwriting because they block those sharp sounds that must penetrate ears even when from a far distance.

Before we finished the interview, I didn’t hesitate to ask about the techniques of choosing the right earplugs. He was glad to give a few answers as outlined below;

Noise reduction rating (NNR)

This is the measure of the effectiveness of earplugs to protect your hearing. When the noise is too much, a higher noise reduction rating is vital. The higher the NNR, the more you will reduce noise from reaching your ears.


The best earplugs are those that can offer maximum comfort even when worn for a long time. They should not cause too much pressure because this can cause headaches. So, the suitable options should have a soft foam material for easier inserting.

Disposable or non-disposable

This may depend on whether you move to different location regularly. Disposable versions are just used for a while and then thrown away, while non-disposable can be re-used severally. You can also carry them when going to a different place where there could be noise.


Lastly, he pointed out two types of materials used to make earplugs; molded silicone and wax. Silicone earplugs are more effective and comfortable than their wax counterparts.


Silence & Writers: Seek for Inspiration

artistArtists are very important because they convey a certain message to thousands or even millions of people through artwork. Artists are of different types. There are writers, actors, musicians, DJs, art paints and many more. To come up with a movie script, song, or an ebook, an artist will comprehend and write down ideas before arranging and editing them to create a meaningful material. This involves a tedious task, even though audience out there may not figure out such challenges that artists go through.

Therefore, a calm and silent room is always a requirement for every artist during the writing and comprehending process. However, getting a perfect noise-free place is difficult nowadays. Even those living in their homes are constantly distracted by noisy vehicles, factories, and other industries from outside. This makes maintaining their concentration difficult, but they manage to finish the job eventually. For those living in apartments, there are ‘bad’ neighbors who will play hell loud music overnight.

artist and silenceDue to these challenges faced by artists, keeping your own environment silent is the only remaining solution. However, how do they go about it? It is simple. The earplugs are ideal for blocking those unwanted noises from reaching your ears. With earplugs, you can even write a whole chapter of an ebook, several scripts, or a few song stanzas because there are no external noises obstructing your focus and alertness.

In short, earplugs will help you get the motivation for doing your writing tasks effectively. Being a long time writer of novels, I found it difficult in my new apartment to cope with neighbors who held parties more than twice a week. I could not concentrate on writing until I decided to find a solution. When I was searching for a solution on the internet, I stumbled earplugs and after reading their descriptions, I decided to try them. Since then, I have been working on my projects comfortably without unwelcoming distractions.

As an artist, I would not generalize all issues about silence because we are different. For instance, there are those musicians with home studio offices. They will record their music before presenting to professional producers. These artists will not need earplugs due to noise from their neighbors, but because they are noise creators. The loud music is not fit for the health of their ears, and therefore these hearing protection devices can reduce the impact.

Apart from recording music in their home studios, the musicians perform in concerts. Though the music is normally fantastic, the noise can be excessive and potentially harmful to their ears. Therefore, earplugs are a great way to prevent hearing loss. This is not only for musicians only but also DJs when playing music in a concert.

The Features of Artist’s Earplugs

silenceOne of the major features is the ability of the earplugs to preserve the natural ear response. This means that all sounds that penetrate your ears are moderated and converted into a normal level sound. So, the artist will hear quieter sounds than the noisy sounds coming from the speakers or any other external source.

Another feature is the absence of the occluding effect usually found in disposable earplugs. When you speak, you don’t hear a bloom of voice in your head. Even when you sing, you will just feel comfortable similar to when not wearing the earplugs. Interestingly, your ears are not exposed to that excessive sound from the speakers.

Acoustic Filters Earplugs for Artists to Choose

There are acoustic filters earplugs for artists to choose depending on the level of noise in different environments.

If you are a writer and someone is playing guitar in the next room, 10 dB earplugs are suitable to filter the soft sound. You will continue with your work without feeling disturbed by the instrument sounds.

For a louder sound from other instruments can be filtered using 15 dB earplugs. Many of these earplugs can be worn around marching bands, rocks bands, and brass bands. So, they are suitable if you are in an environment where such types of music are being played.

When in a party where there is relatively louder music, the best earplugs should be 20 dB because they will filter excessive sounds from reaching your ears. These are perfect for musicians when invited to perform for a smaller audience.

Lastly, you will need 25dB earplugs if you are in a music concert. This is where too loud music can harm your ears. Since a DJ or a musician will stay in that environment for several hours, these earplugs are quite essential for them.


The Attraction of Smile on Art

smile and artIf you are an artist, whether an actor or a musician, an attractive smile is more than a requirement. Your mouth is the core working tool which is always visible to the entire audience. If you have a ‘bad’ smile, definitely your performance will be ruined. People will love to see white teeth and a good breathe as you come closer to them while holding the microphone.

In this post, we shall look at the benefits of having an attractive smile. The benefits focus on artists on particular, but anyone can get the insights about what we are trying to put across.

So, what are the benefits of having an attractive smile?

It adds success to your performance

When the audience and the people near you appreciate your good smile, there is an additional milestone of success in what you are doing. Every artist will want to nice up an event and get more charming cheers from the fans. A good smile is one of the things that will make your fans like your performance and comment positively about you. It is even more crucial than how you are dressed because the attractive smile shows a high degree of self-hygiene and good grooming in general. Therefore, add success in your art with whiter teeth and good breathe.

Makes you smarter

Artists with white teeth and uniformly spaced teeth are smarter and are likely to attract more people to their concerts. When you open your mouth widely and all that people can see is sparkling white teeth, they will just love your performance. This indicates your overall health is excellent and well maintained, unlike having stained teeth and a foul smell coming from your mouth. So, you can make your concerts more lovable and attractive by maintaining white teeth and good breathe.

Freedom of smiling

smileThose people with dirty, stained teeth and bad breathe will try to restrict their smile even when it is time to laugh. As an artist, you need to show your audience the happiness in you by smiling and laughing while performing. This helps in engaging the people into what you are doing and thus break boredom throughout the session. Freedom of smile will also improve your overall mood and feel better while in front of people.

Improve your performance capabilities

When smiling throughout a performance session, you will increase your abilities to entertain the audience better. This is because you are not doing it while doubting your smile. You have all the freedom to smile and laugh together with the audience. Those stressful moments that may change your moods will never hit you. Even an artist suffering from chronic diseases will not be attacked in the middle of a performance. A good smile translates to a good health which reduces the chances of falling sick often.

Eliminates depression and anxieties

If you are a ‘young’ artist, the first time on the stage can be quite overwhelming. This is the time you need all the confidence and self-esteem to do the performance perfectly. If there is a limiting factor such as bad smile and foul smell from your mouth, probably you won’t do it as wanted. Having white teeth and healthy teeth will give you confidence, as well as eliminate depression-related issues and anxieties.

You will stay positive

Standing in front of people to perform requires courage and positivity. Your audience will capture every step of your performance if your face shows happiness. Artists with white and healthy teeth will stay happy as they perform, and will also reflect positivity from the start to the end. Therefore, make your performance outstanding by maintaining healthy teeth.

When it comes to keeping healthy teeth, there are simple things that can bring about lasting changes. For instance, investing in electric toothbrushes can be a good idea. These devices are more effective compared to their traditional counterparts. They have finer bristles that can clean those hard-to-reach areas. Also, they have additional features to improve your brushing experience.

In conclusion, you need to embrace brushing your teeth at least twice a day – maybe in the morning and in the evening. This ensures there are minimal bacteria in your mouth that causes teeth stains and decay. Also, regular flossing is quite important to remove plagues between the teeth.

The layered undercut hairstyle

Men’s Hairstyles and Artists

undercutIf you have been observing men’s hairstyles keenly, you have noticed that the undercut has been trending all through. It is a popular haircut fashion which is preferred by many artists and celebrities including TV stars, musicians, and movie actors. Its long-lasting popularity in street styles among younger guys makes it a hairstyle to embrace. It is a youthful hairstyle that works for different types of hairs including straight, curly, or wavy hair. It can also fit many interpretations from a classic version, modern version, to anything there in between.

For those men looking for an ultimate hairstyle that describes their personalities and simplicities, undercut can be a perfect pick. There are different kinds of undercut styles that any man out there can try. Let’s look at them.

The classic undercut hairstyle

If you love just a traditional hairstyle, a classic undercut should be your final choice. It keeps the sides trimmed while leaving a moderate size at the top. The classic undercut is best suitable for those anxious about the hairstyle itself because it is a simple hairstyle that does not draw the acute attention of people. Since it is a simple hairstyle, you will not stay at the barber shop for hours. You can also practice cutting the hair on your own at home as long as you have high-quality hair clippers. There are hair products to maintain your hair clean and well polished, but your barber can advise you depending on the type of your hair.

The layered undercut hairstyle

The layered undercut hairstyleIf you want something a bit sophisticated, a layered undercut is right for you. For those looking to add some visual perception of depth and fullness to their hair, this version of undercut is a nice pick. You need a professional barber to create the layers so that you can amplify the locks in order to appear a bit voluminous. Before the hair styling begins, you can decide the degree of layers you want depending on your facial size and shape. It usually starts by cutting shorter portions and then longer segments, but the barber can help you to make a nice choice.

The slicked back undercut hairstyle

The slicked back style allows you to modify the hair based on what you want. The trick is to pull off the undercut style so that the hair is long for styling again. Perhaps you want the hair to be long, but remember you should have a high-quality product to maintain it polished and the longer segments kept up. If you like a more textured style, you can choose a matte hair mousse. For those that want an old school trend, look for a gel product to keep the cut well structured while maintaining the original appearance.

The slide swept undercut hairstyle

It is somehow similar to styling slicked-back version because a side swept undercut ensures there are longer hair segments up top in order to have a perfect slicked hair that matches with the shorter sides of the haircut. The pull off also helps you to part the hair correctly. Not everyone can go well with this undercut version because it depends on the part of the face that complements with the hairstyling. But it is also determined by how your hair falls naturally.

The puffy undercut hairstyle

The puffy undercut hairstyle depends on your natural hair type. For those with curly hair can find this version ideal, especially when applying hair product to improve the natural waves. Men with straight hair type can create layers of the hair to make it easier when styling. The matte hair products work incredibly well with puffy undercut style.

The disconnected undercut hairstyle

This undercut version is distinguished by the stark between the hair up top and the shaved sides of the hair. It is a nice choice for men at their 40’s. The side part can be well maintained by using hair products that can create a sleeker look. This also increases the retro factors of your hairstyling.

As much as you want to have a perfect undercut hairstyling or any other hairstyle of your choice, the outcome of the haircut will significantly be determined by the quality of the cordless hair clippers. Professional barbers use the best quality clippers, and therefore you can look for a barber with the right shaving tools.  Also, there are clippers suitable for home use.

How Does Beautiful female Hair Inspire Artists?

Hair and beautyHair and beauty are like a bread and butter; they go hand-in-hand. Your hair is more than how you look because it is a reinforcement and reflection of who you are. Any artist who regularly performs in front of a crowd knows what it means to have a good or bad hair style. It speaks on behalf of you even without saying a word from your mouth. How you modify your hair is personal, but it is totally public because the world will know what kind of person you are. In other words, your hair is your identity.

A number of women love straightening their hair, but it’s only fit if your appearance will be enhanced. As long as you have an ideal hair straightener, it will make your hair look beautiful by taking care of the frizz effects. If you don’t love curly hair styles, hair straightening can be a good styling to make your hair appear unique and shiny. Remington hair straighteners are some of the high-quality products because they are ceramic. They also last longer. However, the best straightening temperature is about 120 degrees Celsius.

Every woman deserves beautiful hair, whether she is an artist or a typical office worker. But, the artists are more likely to embrace hair and beauty because they interact with many people while in concerts.

So, how does beautiful hair inspire you as an artist?

Have confidence of your beauty

The issue beauty is perceived differently from one person to another. It doesn’t mean every artist is beautiful, but the beauty can be enhanced through a good hair style. Your hairdresser should be the first person to recommend the best style that complements your natural beauty. An artist with a nice hair style will have an additional confidence about her beauty. This allows her to perform comfortably without unwelcoming thoughts about her appearance.

beauty and hair

Use Hot Air Brush! That makes an artist look more professional

Basically, every artist will dress to electrify the crowd at a concert. Apart from impressing crowd in an event, many artists are celebs and they usually draw the attention of people whenever they appear. Media is always active to spot and shoot clips to share on social media. Therefore, an artist with well-styled hair that matches with the entire outfit will be praised by fans. She will also look more professional and people will appreciate her. She doesn’t even need to go to a stylist. There are many tools that are easy to use at home, like hot air brushes that everybody can use daily.

Improves self-esteem and personality

A bad hairstyle can make an artist look like a homeless person who just hired someone’s clothes. It badly depicts who you are, especially if it is a live concert where you should perform. To avoid that bad picture, ensure your hair is designed to match a real artist. Remember, an artist is a role model to other people. No one would want to emulate someone lazy and disorganized. So, you can maintain your self-esteem with a good hair style.

Matches her features

People have different face shapes and skin colors. This means not all hairstyles are suitable for anyone out there. If you are an artist, you need to identify your body features before choosing a hair style. A perfect hairstyle should match with your facial shape, as well as the skin tone. Picking the correct hair style will also boost your confidence while in a hall or theater.

It prevents criticisms from your fans

A bad hairstyle will not give you the perfect beauty you want. As an artist, your fans are keen to identify the dress mistakes you made and then start commenting. To avoid making unreceptive headlines in those gossip magazines, ensure you pick the right hairstyle before appearing on the stage for a performance. If you realize your fans are not happy with your hairstyle, definitely it will have a negative impact on your performance. You will have self-doubts and decrease self-love.

Lastly, it makes you feel smarter

When you are feeling smarter, probably your capabilities are doubled. Note that your concert can be ruined just by a bad hair style. But a good hair style is the kick-starter of a successful performance that will nice up the entire event. Therefore, a good hairstyle improves your beauty and makes your day flawless.

guitars styles

The Old Guitarist: Picasso’s Blue Period

The Old Guitarist by Pablo PicassoThe Old Guitarist by Pablo Picasso in 1903 is an actual reflection of personal faith in instruments. A guitarist is an artist, so too is an art painter. The painting is known as Blue Period, during the time when the artist decided to portray serious miseries and bankruptcy situations around Spain, as well as in other regions of the world. Although many reviewers of the art suggest that the Picasso’s Blue Period was first triggered by a suicide death of his friend Carlos Casagemas in 1901. There are many pieces written to describe the art and the painter’s motives because it’s one of the most touching portraits completed by Picasso.

The Blue Period was created with a monochromatic blue palette, the guitar was painted with a more visible brown color, and the guitarist’s body painted cloud-white. A close look at the painting, you can see the guitar is more noticeable. This means it is the focal point, and probably the main theme in Picasso’s art. As you can see the old man’s neck and head curls around the instrument making him look weak. The face and limbs also say more about the old guitarist because you can see he seems feeble and starved. The guitarist is also barefoot meaning there is an aspect of poverty, and also the overall frail body indicates famishment.

However, there is an interesting factor in the Picasso’s painting. The guitar being a focal point, it shows that the instrument gives the old guitarist hope. This is what I mentioned earlier about faith in instruments. Regardless of the many perils of life, the old guitarist is still holding to his artistic character. Though the inspiration that led to the creation of the painting by Picasso has never been clear to many people, I can deduce that Picasso had dark time at some point in life that triggered his motivation to create the painting.

According to other sources, a Spanish Old Master known as El Greco could have influenced the creation of the painting by Picasso. The master had elongated limbs and unappealing pointed body parts and angular face. If you look at the art, the old guitarist’s body appears similar to the descriptions of El Greco’s physical looks. Other people have argued that the old guitarist is blind, and therefore the art symbolized the inner abilities of a disabled person.

Lesson from Picasso’s Blue Period

From the Picasso’s painting, musicians should always hold to their divine abilities despite the many challenges along the way. There are upcoming musicians that may feel discouraged due to many obstacles as they try to nurture their abilities. If you are a guitarist and you feel your instrument is not allowing you to explore yourself fully, there is a wide range of guitars to choose from. Even the beginners should not relent in the daunting task of finding a perfect guitar that suits their needs.

Choosing the Right Guitar for Beginners

guitars stylesWhen it comes to choosing a guitar, I cannot point out a right or wrong choice because it will depend on personal style and needs. Maybe you have been watching musicians and other guitarists playing electric guitars, and already you are inspired – it will be alright to go for an electric guitar. Some beginners will love the acoustic guitar sounds, and therefore acoustic guitars can be their perfect option. It is all about what you enjoy most. However, there are those undecided but they need to choose the right guitar models. You can check the styles and instruments your favorite bands or artists use and emulate them. Whether most of them use electric or acoustic, go for the option that attracts you. Interestingly, anyone can learn how to play the guitar no matter whether you are using an electric or an acoustic.

Recommended for Beginners

For those beginners who are in love with acoustic models, I will recommend the Yamaha FG720S Folk. It has a properly balanced tone definition similar to other more expensive models. It is also made of high-quality materials such as mahogany body and beautiful rosewood fingerboard and bridge.

If you just want an electric guitar to start with, the classic fender design Squier Standard Telecaster can be a perfect choice. It is suitable for beginners with passion in surf, rock, country, and pop sounds. It is easy to tune with the tuning tools, produces high-quality sounds, and the simple-to-use controls make it a good electric guitar for starters.

Piano Paintings

Best Piano Paintings and Artworks

Piano Paintings and ArtworksIf you are a devotee pianist, having at least one original piano painting in your home should be obvious. Perhaps a painting might be missing in the house, but a piece of piano art should not. There are many benefits of paintings and artworks in the house such as improving the interior design, well-being, living atmosphere, mood in the house, and social feeling of completeness. Similar to why you won’t store fake books on the shelf, you would not want fake art pieces or paintings on the walls.

Whether you use a piano in the house or when performing music in concerts, digital pianos are becoming the most popular instruments. They are typically categorized into two classes depending on how they are used. Console digital pianos are usually for home use while stage digital piano models are specifically designed for musicians who perform music regularly because they are more portable. Both have almost similar features when it comes to sounding, but their exterior specs differ. The console pianos are designed with a conventional cabinet, and that’s why they are preferably for home use.

There are many types of digital pianos to choose from, whether you are a beginner or an experienced piano player. If you love those instruments with an excellent note, the Casio Privia PX-350 with a new hammer-action keyboard will satisfy your need. This adoration of specific pianos is what triggers many fanatics to include original paintings and artworks of their instruments on the walls. It’s always a good idea that reflects who you are, and what you love doing most.

However, how do you spot the best piano paintings and artworks for your house? Here are the tips to help you get started.

Ability to create mood

Piano PaintingsWhen you are looking for a piano painting or art, the perfect choice should be able to create a mood in you. How do you feel after observing the art? Is it creating a desire and pleasure in you? Is it creating a peaceful mood and some feel of relaxation? If the art is answering these questions without a doubt, it must be an ideal art to put on your walls. Just pick it right away.

Ability to add a personal character in your house

If you are a musician, probably you want to express your aesthetic and artistic character in a unique way. Everybody loves to express himself or herself through different ways. Now, your expression will be depicted by the kind of art you have on the wall. So, when searching for a piano art ensure it can add a personal interest in your house. Remember, an original art is the best in all cases.

Ability to create memories

You are buying a piano art or painting because you love playing the instrument. If you just had a memorable music concert where fans madly cheered up your music, probably this is a good reason to have a paint or art of the piano that facilitated your successful performance. That memorable day will be remembered whenever you see that art on the wall. Therefore, choose an art that will create memories of a beautiful experience you had.

Ability to offer a color palette

You don’t need a mixture of colors all over the walls. Many similar color shades will create an exaggerated illusion of things in your house. If your want visitors to understand your personality and style even without asking about it, go for an original piano paint or art. Original arts will always be beautiful and meaningful, and they will unify all other aspects and create a universal focal point.

Ability to make your house look complete

piano on the wallEven though everyone needs to have art or painting on the walls, you need to choose what appeals to you and even to your guests. Check if the art and painting you want to buy will make your house look complete. Remember, you don’t just want to fill the walls with items. Go for the original piano arts and paintings that will create a finished impression on the walls. The house will also feel comfortable with original arts.

In conclusion, having piano paintings and artworks in your house is a valuable investment. You are not only promoting your own talent but also investing in items that never go out of fashion. The arts and paintings can be passed to your family members, loved ones, and friends in future.

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