Kickstarter rewards fulfillment.


Our 2013 fund drive is over! We're very happy to have hit our $10,000 stretch goal for the second year in a row. Thank you so much for your generous support.

We'll use this blog post to update everybody on the state of our backer rewards fulfillment. Please send us a message on Kickstarter if we missed you, or if there's a problem with any of your rewards.


PDFs of U#1 and U#2:

If you've responded to our backer survey and requested PDF editions of our first two issues, you should have received them via email at this point.

If you didn't respond to the survey on or before 11/27, no worries! We'll comb through all of the backer surveys and send another wave of PDFs in about a week.

EPUB and MOBI editions of #1 and #2 will be sent out soon.


All e-reader editions of U#1 and U#2:

If you haven't received e-reader copies of our first two issues, send us a Kickstarter message, because they've all gone out!